Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Have another question that we can answer here? Just contact us at rtcil@ku.edu.

I can’t find my disability on the Physical Disability list. Does that mean that HAIL cannot help me (or my consumer)?

To start this program, we surveyed CIL staff members about the disabilities most frequently reported by their consumers. We wanted to keep the list short as we got HAIL up and running. We are likely to add more disabilities as the program develops. But, even if your disability is not listed, HAIL can still be used to help improve your health. You can still learn about secondary conditions that interest you and consumer skills that might help you to be healthier.  

I don't find information on other secondary conditions I'm interested in, such as diabetes or obesity. Is HAIL limited to the secondary conditions of pain, fatigue and depression?

No. As we test our program we hope to learn more about consumer needs and upload information on other secondary conditions and topics that are relevant to our users.

Can I use your website without the help of a CIL staff member?

Yes. The website is designed for everyone to access information on topics they would like to explore. We are initially working with and will train CIL staff so they can help consumers benefit from the complete HAIL program, not just the website.

Do I still need to talk with my health care provider if I am able to find answers to my questions on this website?

Yes. The HAIL website and program is one tool to help consumers access better health care. We DO NOT claim to be medical professionals, nor do we want to replace your relationship with your doctor or other health care professional.